Driver’s License Renewal For OFWs


Filipino citizens, who are holders of authentic Philippine Driver’s License at the time of departure from the Philippines and who are presently staying or working abroad can renew their Philippine driver’s license through their duly authorized representative in the Philippines.

For the information, guidance and compliance of all concerned, the following are the requirements prescribed by the Philippine Land Transportation Office (LTO):


The authorized representative shall personally present the following to the Land Transportation Office (LTO):

  1. Original and Photocopy of the Non-Professional (NPDL) or Professional (PDL) Driver’s License.
  2. Photocopy of the Philippine passport (Data page and Visa page of Licensee)
  3. Letter from the licensee addressed to the Land Transportation Office requesting the renewal and authorizing a representative to renew the Driver’s License on his/her behalf.
  4. Corresponding fees.


The renewal of driver’s licenses of Filipino nationals who are staying abroad shall be guided by the following procedures:

  • The authorized representative shall present to the LTO License Section/District Office/Licensing Center the above-mentioned requirements;
  • The License Section/District Office/Licensing Center shall accept renewal, collect required fees issue/release the owner’s copy of the Driver’s License Receipt (DLR) to the representative.
  • The releasing Clerk shall stamp the words “LICENSEE ABROAD. FOR THE PHOTO-TAKE WITHIN 30 DAYS UPON ARRIVAL” at the right side portion of the DLR.
  • The License Section/District Office/Licensing Center shall keep on file all the documents until such time that the licensee appears at the LTO office for photograph taking.

The Licensee shall present himself/herself within thirty (30) days upon arrival to the same office where the renewal was made for photograph taking with the following documents:

  • Original DLR (in case of lost DLR, submit a duly notarized affidavit of loss)
  • Original passport
  • Submit a valid drug test result
  • Medical certificate;
  • Original expired driver’s license

The License Section/District Office/Licensing Center shall retrieve from the files the documents previously submitted to incorporate with the other requirements.

The evaluator shall process the documents and after approval, recommend for the production of the driver’s license and release same to the licensee.

A Penalty fee shall be collected from the holder of an expired license submitted for renewal:

If Driver’s License Is Expired:

1 Day to 1 Year: 75.00
1 Year & 1 Day to 2 Years: 150.00
More Than 2 Years: 225.00


For applicants within the National Capital Region (NCR), only the License Section of the LTO Central Office (East Avenue) may accept renewals of the expired driver’s license.

Applicants outside NCR, may renew at any field office at the option of the representative.

For more info, please contact the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.